I am an Assistant Professor in the Journalism Department at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. My research focuses on (1) the reconfiguration of journalism in a changing media environment; (2) the development of digital research methods; and (3) the mediation of public and foreign affairs. From a theoretical perspective, I am interested in the changing nature of news and newswork amid the adoption of new technologies, an influx of technologists into newsrooms, and greater emphasis on data. From a methodological perspective, I am interested in the development of electronic interfaces and algorithms to facilitate and improve scholarly work in a changing research environment, especially with large datasets. As part of my dissertation work, I examined the extent to which audience metrics influenced the presentation of news content on the websites of more than a dozen news organizations. My research has been published in leading peer-reviewed journals, including the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, the Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media, Digital Journalism, and The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science.

I have taught or will be teaching Introduction to Journalism, Information for Mass Communication, and Introduction to Visual Storytelling. These classes have been available for both underclassmen in all majors and exclusively to upperclassmen in the Journalism major. Additionally, I helped design a new course at the University of Minnesota titled Digital Games, Sims, and Apps, which examined digital games and apps through the lens of communication and interactive storytelling.

In addition to my research, I am very interested in data visualization and natural language processing. I have previously worked at theĀ Minneapolis StarTribune and theĀ St. Paul Pioneer Press. I hold a PhD in Mass Communication from the University of Minnesota, an MS in Mass Communication from Florida International University, and a BA in Journalism from the University of Minnesota.

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